News Press
  • On June 19, the Board of Directors of the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU (CCCEU) approved China Soft Capital Management Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, China Soft Capital) as a member of CCCEU. The CCCEU chairperson Ms. Zhou Lihong extended warm congratulations to China Soft Capital on behalf of the chamber..
  • On 11th May, the “Guosen Securities Cup, the 11th Golden Bull Award for Private Equity” was announced, in which 45 private equity companies and 29 investment managers won out. The New Momentum Asset Management won the “Golden Bull Award for FOF/MOM Strategy”. At the same time, the KanZhan Asset invested by CSC won “Golden Bull Award for Bond Strategy”. The awards include “Stock strategy", "Bond Strategy", "Macro Hedge Strategy", "Futures strategy", "Relative Value Strategy", "Multi-Factor Strategy", "FOF / MOM strategy", etc.
  • On 7th May, Finework (Hunan) New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.(839826) announced that recently the company submitted listing counseling materials to the Hunan Securities Regulatory Bureau. The company is currently accepting counseling from Minsheng Securities. CSC continuously invested in Finework in 2018 and 2019.
  • On 14th April, HWAS Assets won a new round of strategic financing of tens of millions of dollars. This round of financing is led by Zhengping Capital, a multi-family office and multi-license holder. China Software Capital participated in A and B round investment respectively in 2016 and 2017 and became the strategic stockholder of the company.
  • On 27th March, Mininglamp Technology announced finishing E-round strategic financing of 300 million USD. The leading investors are Temasek and Tencent and the following investor is Kuaishou. At the end of 2017, China Soft Capital successfully invested in Miaozhen, a data marketing technology company hold by the owner of Mininglamp Data. In 2018, Miaozhen and Mininglamp Data combined into Mininglamp Technology, which is focused on perceptual and cognitive intelligence, in order to help enterprises build an industry brain based on human-machine collaboration and accelerate the digital transformation. This round of financing brought a significant increase to the upfront investment of China Soft Capital.