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New Momentum Asset Management and KanZhan Asset owned by China Soft Capital won both the “Golden Bull Award for Private Equity”

On 11th May, the “Guosen Securities Cup, the 11th Golden Bull Award for China Private Equity”, sponsored by China Securities Journal and named by Guosen Securities, was announced, in which 45 private equity companies and 29 investment managers won out. The New Momentum Asset Management won the “Golden Bull Award for FOF/MOM Strategy”. At the same time, the KanZhan Asset invested by CSC won “Golden Bull Award for Bond Strategy”. The awards include “Stock strategy", "Bond Strategy", "Macro Hedge Strategy", "Managed futures strategy", "Relative Value Strategy", "Multi-Factor Strategy", "FOF / MOM strategy", etc.

The “Golden Bull Award for China Private Equity” is based on objective and fair standards, in order to help investors to find private equity institutions and investment manager with long-term stable revenue and set a landmark for the healthy development of private equity. The major sponsor of the prize, China Securities Journal, said that with the coming of the era of unified supervision of the asset management industry, the private equity plays an increasingly important role in China’s capital market. A group of excellent private equity managers can tackle market fluctuations well and find the value of companies in order to bring stable absolute income for investors.

CSC New Momentum Asset Management
CSC New Momentum Asset Management is a leading FOF Fund Management private equity institution, whose asset management scale is over 5 billion RMB. It is one of the biggest FOF private equity fund on the market, its major clients include institution investors such as banks, national companies, listed companies and family clients of wealth management. As practitioner of frontier theory of investment and allocation, CSC New Momentum has constructed a FOHF fund product in the whole process from “selecting”, “choosing” to “managing” by adopting a strategic and tactical combination allocation based on multi-asset and multi-strategy, and a hedge fund selection system based on quantitative assessment, as well as a innovative post-investment management, in order to bring low-risk, low-fluctuation, stable and attractive return on investment to investors. CSC New Momentum also holds stock of Gaoyu Technology, a subsidiary that focus on R & D of software of financial asset management. Through Gaoyu Technology, CSC provides an integrated IT system solution of private equity assessment, allocation, transaction, management and risk control for large scale asset management institutions such as financial and industrial capital which invest on private equity funds, and private equity fund agencies such as private banks. 

KanZhan Asset
KanZhan Asset, invested by CSC, is a manager of fixed income private equity investment fund, founded on the 19th January 2016. The company focus on low-risk investment, adhering to the core investment philosophy that research creates value, and the company track market trends with foreward-looking and professional insights. The company has fund products of cash management, pure debt and strong debt to prudently reduce credit risks, strictly control the retracement of net worth, and continuously create stable investment revenue for clients. In the future, the company is committed to a long-term goal that builds bond investment as the core and developes other major asset allocations as auxiliaries to gain revenue. It is determined to become the first-class asset management company with outstanding performance in the bond-based asset allocation field in China. Since its establishment, the company has issued ten private equity fund management products and two investment advisory products. The current management scale is nearly 3.5 billion RMB. With continuous and stable investment performance, the company has won two “Golden Bull Awards for Private Equity” in 2018 and 2019, three “Golden Yangtse Awards for Private Equity” and “Golden Camphor Award of Private Equity” in 2019.