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Mr Wang Guangyu, Chairman of China Soft Capital, was Invited to Participate in the Global FinTech Investment Summit 2018

On Mar 23, the Global Fintech Investment (Beijing) Summit 2018 was held at the Beijing Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone Exhibition and Exchange Center. Mr Wang Guangyu, Chairman of China Soft Capital and President of Huaxia New Supply Economic Research Institute were invited to participate in this event. The event discussed the development trend of Fintech with many domestically and globally renowned fintech experts, entrepreneurs, and government officers.

The theme of the conference is “Supporting Innovative Reform and Reshaping the Financial Era”, hosted by InTeahouse Boston Tech Venture Center and Zhongguancun Internet Finance Research Institute, Zhongguancun Science Park Haidian Park Management Committee, MOITI (US Massachusetts' Department of Enterprise Development and International Trade), and The Massachusetts Capital Cooperation Center are the joint guiding units of this meeting. Mr Eric Maskin, the famous American Nobel Prize-winning economist, Mr Lawrence Rufrano, the Director of Stanford Advanced Finance and Technology Laboratory, Senator Dennis Carlone, the International Economy Strategic Development and Global Affairs Officer of Boston Government, and Mr Keith Miao, the financial analysis advisor of Google, all gave an excellent presentation. Mr Wang Guangyu shared his views on innovation, development and supervision of fintech at the forum.

Fintech is in the stage of accelerating innovation, with advanced technologies such as A.I., big data, and biometrics, the financial industry's technology has been evolving from the traditional Internet finance and financial information fields to financial technology, thereby effectively addressing the following three issues, upgrading financial services, ensuring transaction security, and integrating technology and intelligence. In addition to its investments in fintech, China Soft Capital is also investing in the construction of four internal intelligent enterprise systems.

At the same time, Mr Wang Guangyu also stated at the forum, "In a field as new as fintech, there leaves a lot of space and uncertainty around supervision, which makes traditional supervision methods ineffective. When new things emerge, for example, we should think about how to create supervision. And to implement it, today's government and regulators are already considering new methods and certainly cannot use the traditional ones."

It is reported that the Global Fintech Investment Summit 2018 is a combined effort of InTeahouse, leveraging on innovation-focused countries such as the US, the UK, Switzerland and their advanced technology and industry resources, as well as the municipal governments and fintech organizations from Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Dongguan. The purpose is to connect overseas international companies and companies in Zhongguancun Science Park Haidian Park, to effectively share the latest advancements in fintech and promote idea exchanges between talents, in a bid to accelerate the incubation of emerging financial services and upgrade the traditional financial and banking services in Zhongguancun Science Park Haidian Park. The transformation and upgrading will help speed up Haidian Park's development into an international innovation center of excellence, where can see the key entrepreneurial elements and strategic resources to gather, diffuse, and radiate, and becoming the most attractive entrepreneurial center in the world.