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Mr Wang Guangyu in CCTV Interview, “Hard Work is the Only Way to a Bright Future.”

On Mar 23, Mr Wang Guangyu, Chairman of China Soft Capital and Tianma Refinement (002453.SZ), was interviewed by two CCTV programs, and published an entrepreneurial viewpoint on the Sino-US trade dispute.

Mr Wang Guangyu said, "Our country must show greater courage to unswervingly promote a new chapter of reform and opening up. In key areas such as advanced technology and equipment manufacturing, China must make a breakthrough. In emerging fields such as fintech, A.I., fundamental software, there are many things that we should do to accelerate technological innovation. Our listed companies must show a good example to the real economy, actively transform, fully mobilize the spirits of our employees, and work sufficiently hard to forge a brighter future.”

Since the takeover by Jinling Holdings in 2016, Tianma Refinement has started a journey of transformation to fintech. Through a series of investments and acquisitions, Tianma's transformation strategy has gradually become clear. Through Yingang Technology, Double Rise, and the recent investments in Shandong Shuzhi and Yinjia Financial, Tianma Refinement has gradually become a financial conglomerate providing services from fintech, software development, supply chain management, to fintech related to the payment sector. Tianma's comprehensive competitiveness and profitability have been continuously enhanced during the process of strategic transformation, laying a foundation for synergy from various sectors.