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CSC Chairman Wang Guangyu Attends the Fifth International Finance Summit

On March 25th 2016, CSC Chairman Mr. Wang Guangyu attended the 5th International Finance Summit and EDaily interview, in which he expressed anticipations of extensive China-Korea collaborations in the investment field and offered his suggestions.

When discussing the status quo of China-Korea business collaborations, Wang Guangyu stated that currently most collaborations remain at the commerce and trading level, with fewer activities at the investment level and few success stories. To deepen collaborations we cannot avoid investments. To lower the collaboration barriers in law, policy, and culture faced by Chinese and Korean investors, Wang suggests that Korean investment institutions work with local Chinese investment institutions such as CSC, to realize their investment strategies; alternatively, Korean investors can set up a fund of fund that invests in local projects through local funds.

Since 2013, CSC started exploring different ways of collaborations with different layers of Korean investment institutions, and plans to set up “CSC Global IT Industry Investment Fund,” the fund will focus on Korean IT companies in Asia, with IT-driven healthcare and related projects. Wang expressed that under the support of China Korea Free Trade Agreements, there is enormous potential in China Korea investment cooperation, and great opportunities for CSC to go global.