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CSC Joins Hands with – Innovative Shared Finance Professional Training

Recently, CSC completed investment in Beijing Guopei Innovative Education Consulting Limited, facilitating Guopei’s overall service innovation and upgrade in the micro and internet finance field.

 10 Year Focus in Training – Guopei Grows Through Innovation

Driving the healthy development of China’s micro credit and internet finance market as its mission, Guopei combines “personnel training, financial services and research consulting” into a two-in-one “leading micro and internet finance service platform”. Its trainees come from internet finance, micro credit, guarantee, pawn, commercial banking, corporate finance, business finance etc. As of year-end 2015, Guopei has cumulatively served over 20,000 financial enterprises and over 100,000 personnel, with trainees over 31 provinces domestically, over 10 countries and regions globally. Guopei is the #1 leader in domestic high-end financial training, and enjoys #1 market share in micro finance training.

Shared Finance Expedited The Development of Financial Training Platform

Shared finance means providing appropriate and effective financial services to different social ranks and groups at affordable costs. In particular, micro/small/medium enterprises have strong needs for shared finance. Developing internet finance is one way of implementing shared finance. Since internet finance has been developing rapidly, and relevant regulations occur frequently and intensively, the financial and business training for micro/small/medium financial institutions have become indispensable. On the other hand, personnel in this field and relevant professional training are in high demand, providing professional training platforms with good market prospects.

Guopei team has over 10 years operational and management experience in the training business, specializes in micro and internet finance training and accommodations, combines online and offline training. Guopei is initiating business partner plans; adding qualifications, professional training, educational degrees, insurance etc., to find new areas of business growth.

CSC supports shared finance practitioner      

Following CSC’s successful investment in the K12 internet educational platform – Xuexinsuda, CSC has set eyes on the internet finance and micro/small/medium financial institution vocational training market. CSC Chairman Wang Guangyu pointed out at the global shared finance 100 forum founding conference that, shared finance will become a hot topic for future VC/PE. Professional investment institutions focus on innovative financial service companies to obtain resources for faster innovation. Guopei focuses on the niche market of micro credit and grasps the DNA for building shared finance ecosystem. CSC and Guopei working side by side will better serve micro and internet finance clients.