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Beijing China Soft Science & Technology Development Foundation Visits Nanqijia School

  January 8th 2016, Beijing, sunny day. Members of Beijing China Soft Science & Technology Development Foundation and Beijing Rainbow Foundation visited the Nanqijia Experimental School in Changping District, bringing loving care and blessings to the children.


  Nanqijia Experimental School is a place for blue-collar workers’ children in the countryside. There’re 1400 students from all over the country. The school has a 9-year compulsory education curriculum, covering preschool, primary, and secondary education. Some families send several kids to this school. 


  The Founder of Rainbow Foundation – Madam Tong Shumeng has paid 10 visits to the school. Through her recommendation, CSC Technology Development Foundation received the opportunity to meet these lovely children. For the visit, the Foundation brought living and school necessities and donated some education equipment to improve the education quality, so as to bridge the gap on the developmental environment between these kids and their counterparts in the city.  


  CSC values humanitarian initiatives. Since founding, CSC has been deeply involved in social work and charity events, and has originated and made donations to various public organizations in education, academics, and environmental protection. In August 2015, Beijing CSC Foundation was officially established. The foundation will leverage CSC’s influence in the technology VC field, sponsor technology and education development projects, develop technology talents, provide a public platform for innovative enterprises and talents and technology educators, and actively explore new models in harnessing civilian resources for technological commercialization and industry innovations.