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2049: Emerging Intelligence Book Launch and New Generation of IT Mid to Long Term Development Strategy Seminar Invitation

Dear Guests:

           Under the heat of “Internet+,” new generation of IT and internet have become important strategic directions for Chinese economic development. The “2049: Emerging Intelligence” book launch and New Generation of IT Mid to Long Term Development Strategy Seminar hosted by Chinese Academy of New Supply Side Economics and China Soft Capital will take place on January 19th 2016 (Tuesday) 2pm at the National Library of China’s Museum of Classic Books, 5th floor, Wenhui Hall. 

           We sincerely invite you to attend!

          Contact: Zhang Man 18612941812


Book Summary

“2049: Emerging Intelligence – New Generation of IT Mid to Long Term Development Strategies” is an important work resulting from the “China 2049 Strategies” research. The book elaborates on the development history of communications network, internet of things, network convergence, new tablet display, high performance integrated circuit and high end software, and studies the goals and crucial issues of new generation of IT and internet in the mid to long term, as well as makes policy suggestions.

First, the book analyzes the industry scale of IT and internet from 2025 to 2049, and predicts that the new generation of IT in the forms of big data, internet of things, mobile internet, and cloud computing will exhibit the trends of “merging, intelligence, and cross boundary.” Next, in order to realize the mid to long term goals for IT, the book brings up the 3 development strategies of key technology breakthrough, IT and industry integration, and smart innovations; from integrated circuit frontier technology and talent reserve, basic software R&D, to realization of made in China, data storage opportunity overtaking communications network infrastructure technology; transitioning into Industrial 4.0, smart agriculture, smart city, and internet finance strategies, and extending into robots, human-computer interaction future development strategies.

To carry out the 3 development strategies, this book also mentions introducing reforms on scientific research administration, government led initiatives and other policy suggestions.


Chinese Academy of New Supply Side Economics

China Soft Capital

January 2016



Chinese Academy of New Supply Side Economics – a civilian think tank organization originated by 12 scholars and approved by the government, established in September 2013. The current president is the Chairman of Minsheng Bank – Hong Qi.


The academy’s mission is to advance the research on reform-centered new supply-side economics, and build a scholarly and internationally influential think tank with Chinese characteristics through collaborations across boundaries through “Chinese New Supply Side Economics 50 Person Forum.” Currently there are over 100 economists, industrialists, finance elites and media personnel involved. The academy hosts bi-weekly seminars, China 2049 strategy roundtables, new supply side finance roundtables, and new supply side annual subject research events, to drive the continuous development and innovation in economic theories, to provide theoretical explanations and suggestions for Chinese reforms, to propel Chinese economic reform and development, and to unreservedly contribute to China and the world’s economic prosperity and social progress.

Founded in 2008, China Soft Capital (CSC) is an investment institution in technology VC, buyout, and asset management, focusing on China’s strategy emerging sectors. Headquartered in Beijing, CSC has branch offices in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. CSC manages over 11 billion RMB in assets across multiple funds, and successfully invested in numerous companies and orchestrated numerous domestic and overseas listings.




13:30-14:00 Guests Sign-In

Part One – Book Launch14:00-15:10

Emcee – Qiao Weibing, CITIC Publishing Deputy Editor In Chief

14:00-14:40 Guest of Honor Address

Jia Kang – President, Chinese Academy of Supply Side Economics

Huang Jianhui – Vice Secretary General, China’s New Supply Side Economics 50 Person Forum

14: 40-15:10 Author Speech

Wang Guangyu – Chairman, China Soft Capital

Part Two – New Generation of IT Mid to Long Term Development Strategy Seminar (15:10-17:00

Emcee – Huang Jianhui, Vice Secretary General, China’s New Supply Side Economics 50 Person Forum

15:10-15:30 Keynote Speech 1: Gong Xiaofeng – Director, MIIT Center for International Economic and Technological Cooperation

15:30-15:50 Keynote Speech 2: Zhu Yedong – Chairman, Sinodata

15:50-16:00 Tea Break

16:00-17:00 Forum “IT and Internet Industry Innovation Under the New Norm”

Emcee – Zhang Monan, Phd and Deputy Researcher, China Center for International Economic Exchanges

Guests of Honor (alphabetical order)

Cao Yi – Secretary General, Zhongguancun Venture Capital and Private Equity Association

Hu Gang – President, Gome Holdings Tianjin Chefu Network Technology Limited

Liu Feng – Chief Editor, “Artificial Intelligence Scientist”

Shen Minghong – Chief Investment Officer, China Soft Capital

Wu Hongbin – Chairman, Beijing Huiyuan Network Technology Co, Ltd.

Wu Xinzhang – Lifetime Professor, University of Florida – Electrical and Computer Engineering

Zuo Chun – Chairman, Sinosoft Co., Ltd.