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China Soft Capital and Hony Capital jointly invest Universal Dinosaur Town

China Soft Capital recently announced its investment in the Universal Dinosaur Town of Dragon City Tourism Holding Group, with joint investment partners including Hony Capital.

Universal Dinosaur Town is a theme park of Jiangsu Province, the first in 5A cultural and creative class. On April 19, 2010, the Universal Dinosaur Town was awarded by the National Tourism Administration, to become the first 5A-class tourist attractions in Changzhou, Jiangsu, and it consists of four major tourist attractions, namely, China Dinosaur Land, Dino-valley Hot Springs, Dinosaur Town Theater, and Dino Water Town. Inside the China Dinosaur Museum, it displays more than 36 Dinosaur skeletons from various geological periods, such as Yangchuanosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Shantungosaurus Giganteus, Lufengosaurus Huenei and Tyrannosaurus Rex. In addition, the Sinosauropteryx fossil, with its precious value of academic research, has become greatest treasures of the museum. Universal Dinosaur Town builds a new tourism landmark of East China created by the professional Dragon City Tourism Holding Group in 15 years, and it has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 quality environment and the integration of management system certification. This new fascinating tourism landscape line in East China combines the China Dinosaur Land’s unique features, Dinosaur Town Theatre’s passion, Dino Water Town’s elegance and refinement, together with graceful water, valleys, bridges and winding paths.

The Chairman of China Soft Capital said: “We are long term bullish on domestic consumption upgrade synchronization driven by tourism and cultural creative industries. Very much appreciate the Universal Dinosaur Town’s unique market position and its excellent management team and the China soft Capital will be dedicated to helping sustainable development of enterprises, and makes the Park become a genuine Oriental Jurassic.”